Purpose of the Youth and Teen Ministry

The mission of the YTM Ministry is to lead the youth of today to Christ. We will teach our youth about the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and prepare them for their Christian walk.

Our Youth & Teen Ministries Missions
Boy Scouts– To prepare our communities’ young boys and men to become leaders in their church, families, and communities. We will train our boys the morals responsibility, and in and outdoor survival skills to prepare them situations they may encounter throughout the rest of their lives.
-Seeking A Volunteer-Boy Scout Director
Girl Scouts– To inspire girls with the highest ideals of character, conduct, patriotism and service that they may become happy, productive, responsible and resourceful citizens.
-Patricia Shorter-Girl Scout Director.
Youth Usher Board– To meet and greet visitors and worshipers that arrive at Rosewood Missionary Baptist Church.  To extend the hospitality that is govern by the Lord and is the character of the church.
-Felicia Knighten- User Board President.
Annointed Voices, (ages 13-22,) Youth Choir, (ages 6-12,) and Rosewood Angels, (ages 2-5) – To minister to the congregation and the unsaved through song and praise.  This ministry will sing every fourth Sunday of the month, and will rehearse the Thursday prior to the fourth Sunday of each month.
-Tephanie Wilbur - Youth Choir Administrator and Minister of Music.
Youth Study Night– To assist our youth and teens with their homework and general studies.
 -Seeking A Volunteer-

Drill Team–To strengthen the personal commitment of faith in God, by assisting youth in developing a devotional prayer life, a meaningful response to stewardship and a greater understanding of themselves in order to witness their faith in Jesus Christ. To also provide a spiritual and biblical foundation for the development of all drill team members in their practice and pursuit of leadership in the church and community; and to enable leaders to move a team from one place to another in an orderly manner and to aid in disciplinary training by instilling habits of precision and response to oral commands
-Otho Wilbur-Drill Team Director
Praise Dancers
-Seeking A Volunteer-
Sports and Physical Activities
-Ken Prosser- Sports and Physical Activities Director
College Bound Christians– This ministry and program will be a spin off of the Scholarship program for young adults that are preparing for college, or a technical/trade school

YTM Special Programs

Juneteenth Celebration-  -TBD
Fall Festival-TBD

Thanksgiving Program- TBD

Christmas Program- TBD

Requirements for Youth and Teen Members

Must be members of Rosewood Avenue Baptist Church.
Must maintain passing grades in all courses at school.
Must commit and attend all meeting times for YTM Ministry of choice.
Must attend Mid-week service or Sunday school.

Requirements for Counselors

Must be members of Rosewood Avenue Baptist Church.
Must be cooperative and work well with leaders in the YTM Ministry.
Must “lead by example”

YTM Meetings

The YTM meetings will be held the first Saturday of each month for counselors only.  The Youth and Teen will meet at the YTM Ministries time of designation.

YTM Ministry Directors

Deacon James Jones – Senior Advisor /Director
Otho Wilbur- Co – Director
Tephanie Wilbur – Co – Director
Djuna Scott – Special Programs Coordinator